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Brand building in 5 simple steps

Branding is one of the most effective methods of marketing that exists both online and offline. Although branding had been used for years by businesses, it has only just started to catch on with internet marketers. I have talked about branding many times before but today I want to give a complete run down of what it takes to effectively brand online. As I explained in my post titled Branding is not about making sales "Branding is really nothing more or less than building an association between a company, product, service, or individual and a word, phrase, logo, picture or image."

Branding iron Branding

To make that association is effectively a popularity game. For those who have been around the internet a while, you will likely remember when myspace first started to become a hit. People treated it like a popularity contest. It was a game of numbers to see who could get the most friends.

Branding is achieved through almost the same means, only instead of just being popular, you also want to be remembered for something.

Branding with social media

A lot of people think that becoming popular involves going out and befriending everyone they can. Nothing could be further from the truth. Doing that results in a bunch of random people who don’t care what you have to say.

Rather you want to focus on content. Find some good sources and continuously post top notch content. Slowly follow people who actually add to the topics you post about. This way when you find something worth sharing in your stream, you already know it relates to what you do and further helps brand you.

As you begin following people ENGAGE. Engaging with others allows you to show off your knowledge about your main topic of focus on someone elses stream, thus building your brand and attracting people who otherwise may not know you exist all at the same time.

The trick to relevant content that brands you is simple. Its all about cross network promoting. Follow 25 or so people on twitter who post really good information that relates to what you do. Use that content on other networks like google+ and facebook. As you begin to make connections on those sites, share the content back to twitter. Keep inter-mixing your content like this is people will flock to you.

There is no magic behind it other than that.

Branding your content

The truth is the world does not revolve around social media and not everything is a social media website. Traffic comes from all over the internet. This is why social branding aside, it is important to brand your content.

Branding your content is a practice that involves making a part of your content familiar to those who visit it. With companies this can be a logo, as individual marketers, this can be an avatar, picture, or otherwise notable graphic.

Generally speaking you want to use the same picture, graphic, or logo as you use on your social profiles. This way people associate your content to a someone they can be social with and it feels more personal.

Content branding means adding your image to your websites, your banners, your splash pages, your lead capture pages, and virtually everywhere else you can as well.

Brand yourself with emails

If you send out emails on safelists, with text aad exchanges, or from solo ad websites you may want to also brand your name or your company name. This is actually a simple practice really. It involves creating emails with a business name or persons name in the subject of the email. Then one follows up that subject by making both the first and last lines of the email also contain the person or businesses name.

Subject: Bruce Bates just launched…..

Body: Bruce Bates just launched his newest website the marketers cooperative…..
… Don’t be the last in on Bruce bates new marketers cooperative signup below:

Brand yourself on the social web

I said a few paragraphs back that not every every website is a social media website and that is true. However its also true that every website is still social. After all they are still owned by people.

Using this to your advantage is the single fastest way to brand yourself and I cannot stress this enough.

When you join a new marketing website, don’t think of it as some static website that you use. Realize that there is a person behind the site and you CAN be social with them. In fact you want to. Send the owners an email or use their support system. Ask them if they have a google hangout, skype chatroom, or web forum you can join.

Doing this lets you interact with others using the same site. You don’t have to do it often. Just popin to these forums and chatrooms from time to time and make yourself known. Say hello. Be a real person.

Then when people see your ads running, they are twice as likely to join you, as they feel connected to you.

This is branding at its finest. BE MEMORABLE!

Branding with video

This is simple. A lot of people think it takes a big following. It doesn’t. All you have to do is make a few videos. Say 2 videos a month for 6 months. Create an account with youtube. Create an account with vimeo. Go geet accounts with all the free video sites. There is more than just youtube believe it or not.

Just post some video’s about yourself. From time to time when you make new connections on social networks, send them to people. Being on 10 different site and having 25 followers on each site is a lot easier than getting 250 followers on one site.

Draw your brand to you

This is where most people fail at branding and is actually the most important part. You need to bring your brand to you. What this means is you needs something that sucks your brand off the social networks, and out of the marketing sites and into something you own, when the focus of EVERYTHING is centered around you.

This can be any number of things really. You could create a blog and build an active community of people comments. You could create internet web forums or run some sort of a chatroom. You could even go so far as to create your own social network targeted at whatever main interest you built your brand around. Some people buy scripts and run things like traffic exchanges, others build smart apps thaat run on tablets and cell phones.

The truth is it doesn’t matter what you do but you must do something, and you must own something to draw that brand into you. When you begin to do this, is when real money starts coming in. You can suddenly charge more for ads, create partnerships, get paid for memberships and still you have an audience to target your primary business at.

Time management

Now you would think with all these different means and methods of branding that time management becomes the issue. The truth is you are correct. That is where most people have the biggest problem. However if you break things down properly its really very simple.

If this is a full time job, you break your tasks down into hours. If this is a part time job you break your tasks into days.

The tasks break down into 6 daily tasks, or into two daily tasks if its part time. The reason for two daily tasks instead of just one is because you always want to stay focus on drawing your brand to you. This means moderating, creating new posts, or what have you outside of the typical 5 tasks.

Just in case you are confused the five tasks are as follows:

  1. Spend time branding with social media
  2. Spending time branding your content and spreading it on free marketing sites
  3. Send out branded emails on safelists and solo ad networks
  4. Spend time engaging with owners and members of marketing sites via forums, skype, or whatever is available
  5. Make and upload video’s and comment on other people videos.

This is all there is to it really.

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