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Banner exchanges

One of the oldest methods of exchanging traffic on the internet goes as far back as the mid 1990's and is known as a banner exchange. Banner exchanges are exactly as one may think, you display banners on your site and in return others show your banner ads on their sites. Most often there are 3 different types of ratio's for a banner exchange. There is the 1:1 banner exchange, which means every time you display a banner on your site, your banner advertisement is exchanged no someone elses site. Then there is the 2:1 and the 3:1 banner exchange ratio which effectively means every 2 or 3 times you display a banner advertisement, your banner is displayed on someone else's site. There are some major advantages to using banner exchanges, and then there are some major disadvantages to using them also.

banner exchanges banner exchanges

Disadvantages of banner exchanges

One of the biggest problems with banner exchanges is that they rely on your ability to get traffic to your own website. To be clear in order for your site to display someones banner, someone must first visit your site. If you are getting 100 people to visit your site everyday, that means you are having your banner displayed at most 100 times on other random websites. This does NOT mean that 100 new people will visit your site. In fact, its unlikely your banner will be clicked at all. Its approximately 1% of banner views actually get a click. That means for every 100 people visiting your site, you will get 1 new visitor. Not the greatest of advertising methods.

Another major problem is that using banner exchanges, results in using up valuable reality on your website. What this means is that the space you are using to put up a banner for banner exchange use, could instead be used to run an affiliate banner that may earn you money.

Now the last major problems with banner exchanges is actually a two part problem. The problem is really that just like with all advertising exchanges one exchange is never enough. You need to join a multitude of banner exchanges. Imagine if you are displaying banners from 10 different exchanges at the same time. Now if you get 100 visitors to your site in a day, that means your banner is shown 1000 times. However this compounds on the previous problem I discussed. This takes up valuable reality on your website.

What has happened is a lot of sites that use banner exchanges end up looking very unprofessional because they have this block of banners at the bottom of their sites that really serve no purpose except to drive traffic.

Advantages of banner exchanges

One of the biggest advantages to using a banner advertising exchange is that they are considered completely whitehat in nature and most banner exchange do a fair job at targeted advertising. They are not only considered whitehat marketing, but I don’t know of any program that disallows banner exchanges including revenue programs like Google adsense.

The reason for this is because unlike surf exchanges, safelists, and text ad exchanges, banner exchanges don’t actually encourage anyone to click on banners. Because they are working on a display based credit system rather than a visitor based system, programs like adsense have no worry about false clicks.

Another great advantage of banner exchanges is the ability for link trade partners. If you monitor your traffic, and if you monitor you banner clicks on a banner exchange, you can match when a person clicked your banner to when a visitor came to your site. By matching these two pieces of information you can determine what the site the were referred from actually was. With that information you can contact the owner of the website and start negotiating a link exchange.

Banner Exchanges for Blackhat marketing

I don’t know if this should be called blackhat or greyhat marketing, but whatever you want to call it you can actually get rid of all the disadvantages of banner exchanges by using these methods. What I am going to explain to you actually violates the rules of most banner exchanges, but if you don’t use banner exchanges to begin with who cares if you get banned from them – also there are literally hundreds and hundreds of banner exchanges online, so if you are ever banned from one, you can just change with another.

This method actually works best on banner exchanges that use an auto approval method on banners. There are very few of these around, but some do exist. If the exchange in question manually approves banners, its best to wait until after getting your account and banners approved before using this method.

The way it works is simple. We use safelists, text ad exchanges, and surf exchanges to send traffic directly to a webpage. This is why its so important to use splash pages which I have discussed on a few different occasions. Now because we are sending traffic directly to those pages, we know they are getting visits that our main website isn’t getting. They are building out lists for us. So what you can do is use this knowledge with banner exchanges to get loads and loads of views to banners.

All you have to do is add a boatload of banner exchange banners to the bottom of your splash pages. Say you join 10 banner exchanges, add 10 banner exchange codes to your splash page, and then use surf exchanges to get 1500 views a week to your splash pages – which if you read my article on how to Increase your traffic exchange marketing efforts over 500% becomes relatively easy to do. Your return on that surfing from the banner exchanges becomes 1500 x 10 exchanges is 15,000 banner ads being displayed on other peoples sites.

Banner sizes for Banner Exchanges

When it comes to the sizes of your banners, ever exchange uses different sizes however there are some standard industry uses that have come to exist and these are usually some of the sizes you find on banner exchanges.

468 x 60px	Full Banner
728 x 90px	Leaderboard
336 x 280px	Square
300 x 250px	Square
250 x 250px	Square
160 x 600px	Skyscraper
120 x 600px	Skyscraper
120 x 240px	Small Skyscraper
240 x 400px	Fat Skyscraper
234 x 60px	Half Banner
180 x 150px	Rectangle
125 x 125px	Square Button
120 x 90px	Button
120 x 60px	Button
88 x 31px	Button

So when it came to building splashpages I recommended AdCreator, and once again I am going to recommend the same service for creating your other banners. There are dozens of banner creation sites online, but not many that I use over and over the way I do with AdCreator. I am sure you will hear me mention this service over and over because I think it is worth its weight to create an account.

Banner Exchange List

Here is a short list of banner exchanges to get you started.

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