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Already have a site? Get some authority

Have you built a website and even filled it with interesting content? Then why are you not ranking after months of blogging? Dependent on the niche you picked for your site it can take anywhere from 3 months to a whole year to finally make your mark on the search engines so how can you get on Google in a place that matters faster? Well your first step is to stop blogging. Yes you heard me. Stop right now because people don't want the same tired old information recycling in different ways to show up on another blog. They want originality sure but they also want authority sites more.

A number of internet training programs tell you that all you need to do is pick a niche and then just keep creating articles on that niche using  “low hanging fruit” otherwise known as low competition keywords.

I’m sorry to say this but many have tried this method and despite doing several blog posts per day they are just not having any effect in the resulting traffic.

So step 1 to Authority is to stop repeating the mistakes that 95% of bloggers are making and stop blogging. Cut your blog posts to 1-3 articles per week.

Also you need to take advantage of all that empty space you have on your blog.

A number of options are affiliate advertising banners or paid to advertise sites. Personally I would go with the affiliate option because if you compare what you would make with 1 sale on a affiliate program to what Google Adsense would pay you for a click to the same program, the numbers make the affiliate route a no-brainer.

The next step is PR links to give your site some Authority. The simple explanation for this is to purchase a number of Pagerank links (5-10) to increase your own search engine visibility (depending on your niche you would be looking at a number of links per month to increase your organic traffic by 3000%!)

Learn how got 35,880 visitors / month from Google with only 57 authority backlinks.

So remember you don’t need fresh content every 5 seconds to get noticed, you just need to link to relevant other sites to enjoy Authority backlinks and ultimately much more traffic.


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