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Ad Exchanges – why they are not a waste of time

It seems almost inevitable anymore that someone tells me that text ad exchanges, safelists, and surf exchanges are a waste of time and a useless form of marketing. I hear they bring very limited results and the results they do bring are mediocre at best. People are constantly annoyed by my recommending these types of systems. I can't stress enough how wrong this view is. The problem is NOT in the marketing method, the problem lies in peoples understanding of how to use the marketing method. Before I get into how to properly use this type of marketing, first let me explain a few things about advertising exchanges you may not understand.

understanding ad exchanges understanding ad exchanges

There are two types of advertising exchanges, there are onsite ad exchanges and there are offsite ad exchanges. An onsite traffic exchange is a type of exchange that requires you log into a membership site and view and click other members advertising. You earn points, or credits, for each ad you click on. The more ads you click the more points you earn. Those points are then used to display your own ads. The most popular type of ad exchanges are safelists, text ad exchanges, and surf exchanges.

The major problem with onsite advertising exchanges is that the traffic is overall not very targeted. The people who end up visiting your websites and webpages are other people who have something to market. Unless you are in very specific niche markets that benefit other marketers, the traffic is not generally a great quality. This is why people believe it is a waste of time.

Offsite exchanges are a little different than onsite exchanges. Offsite exchanges are sites that require you to display other peoples advertisements on your own pages. The more times those advertisements are viewed, the more points, or credits, you earn. The more credits you earn the more times you can have your ads displayed on other peoples websites. These types of advertising exchanges are usually banner exchanges, offsite text ad exchanges like AdsVert, and viral link cloakers such as Advertise free for life.

Basically onsite exchanges and offsite exchanges work exactly same except that onsite exchanges require you view other peoples ads and offsite exchanges require you get other peoples ads views.

The thing is, offsite exchanges tend to be a lot more targeted however they are also a lot harder to build credits in. Your credits are entirely based on your ability to drive traffic to your own pages or sites.

This is where some real power lies in onsite ad exchanges. You want to put all the offsite ad exchange ads on the pages you intend to use for the onsite ad exchanges. This way every time someone views one of your ads, surfs one of your sites, or reads one of your emails they are earning you credits on a much more targeted marketing method. The more views you get from onsite advertising exchanges the more credits you earn in offsite advertising exchanges. The more credits you earn in offsite advertising exchanges, the more times your ads are targeted on websites getting visitors that will be interested in your website.

I hope this makes sense.

So if you are one of the millions that were thinking onsite ad exchanges don’t deliver quality traffic and therefore are a waste of time, now perhaps you will see things a little differently. Its not a waste of time as long as all those clicks and credits result in more targeted traffic.

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