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Beginners Course 1: Decide on your Niche

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Before you do anything your first step is to take the time and decide on a niche.

Firstly, what is a niche?

Before the internet I’d never even heard of the word ‘niche’ but now I hear it all the time so what does it mean?

Here’s an example. I am an internet marketer and one of my passions is computer games so my niche would be either Computer Games or Marketing.

A niche is just a fancy word to say “what is your business about?”

Don’t be confused by any of the terminology I will be using because everything will be explained.

So that out of the way, what do you enjoy? Gardening, Games, Pets, Snowboarding, Parenting, Childcare?  Basically if you have a passion you can make a business out of it.

We are going to use “Weight Loss” as an idea because it is possibly one of the biggest industries for affiliates today however if you are an absolute beginner I would recommend that you do not choose this as your idea. The reason being because Weight Loss is such a competitive market it would cost you an awful lot of money before you even started earning anything and that’s really not the encouragement you need when first starting out.

So to clarify you are welcome to start in any niche you wish but don’t start at the top of the ladder. In marketing you need to learn to walk before you run.

A list of niches you should steer clear of for your first attempt are:

  • Weight Loss / Weight Gain
  • Dating
  • Male enhancement
  • Health & Wellness
  • E-Cigs
  • Internet Marketing

There are a few more and you will learn what they are by using the process below:

  1. Go to Google and start searching for your interests
  2. If your returned results are in the hundreds of millions (image below used search: Weight Loss) then this is not something you want to pursue.
  3. Look for lesser know niches such as Knitting, Pets, Skating, etc
  4. Research the top 3 sites in that niche to get an idea of what you need to do to reach that position (you only need to research at this point)

search example


This is the most important part of starting a business so please take some time to research a proper niche in which to base your journey to success. Don’t go picking a niche just because you think it is profitable. Pick based on your interests. Don’t go for the money.

You can monetize any niche but it’s important that you have in interest in what you do. Get a notepad and start doing some research. First write down what your interests are then use google to search for those interests and see what is required.

Don’t rush this because this is the only step toward success or failure.

Given that we are in the technological age I will allow you to use a notepad on your computer instead of the pen and notepad approach!


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